Company Profile

Akebono Kougei Co., Ltd. was founded in 1972 by the first president, Minoru Kuwada. Originally, it was established as an affiliated company with a shareholder composition of 50/50 with the paulownia box wholesaler who appreciated the president’s craftsmanship. At that time, our main business was manufacturing paulownia boxes for luxury goods, such as golden sake cups.
After the change of president in 2004, Akebono Kougei Co., Ltd. became independent from the affiliated company by the new president, Mayumi Kuwada in 2008.
Since then, we have been striving towards “becoming the number one paulownia box manufacture in Japan”, with the desire to let people know more about the many charms of paulownia boxes and use them in daily life. With this vision in mind, we expanded the business by developing original products which focused on the family and daily use. In 2011, we established Piapacco Co., Ltd., a design, development, and sales company.
For more than 50 years since our founding, we are further improving traditional Japanese craftmanship, adding modern techniques and new value to paulownia boxes. Day by day we are developing new products. One of them is the Milk Tooth Case. It’s round, fits into the palm of your hand, and the lid is made so it closes perfectly without using a single nail. The culture of preserving baby teeth for a long period had never existed in Japan, and it is no exaggeration to say that the success of this product opened up a new tradition.
We are continuing our commitment to the global environment such as the use of waste materials and the use of power in solar panels. As Paulownia box manufacturer, which is loved by everyone, we will continue to aim to be a company that is kind to the earth and people. Akebono Kougei Co., Ltd. Piapacco Co., Ltd. Mayumi Kuwada, President,.

Company Philosophy

We contribute to a future full of pleasure and excitement.

Company Profile

Company name
Akebono Kougei Co., Ltd. (Manufacturing, Wholesale) Piapacco Co., Ltd. (Design, Development, Sales)
368-1 Kamiyasui, Shinichicho, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima, Japan
Phone number
Company Established
Akebono Kougei Co., Ltd. 1972.9.7 Piapacco Co., Ltd. 2011.11.11
Mayumi Kuwada
Business activities
Paulownia boxes manufacture, Wholesale Design, Development, Sales,


Akebono Kougei Co., Ltd. was founded by the first president, Minoru Kuwada
Opened new office and factory
Storage Case for securities, etc / Utility model registration 3088392
Foil stamping machine, Install equipment
Bread Case / Utility model registration 3106290
1st Laser machine, Install equipment
2011.03 .07 .11
Round Milk Tooth Case / Utility model registration 1425490 Joined Fukuyama Akasaka Rotary Club Piapacco Co., Ltd. was established as the subsidiary sales department
2016.02 .12
CNC Router machine, Install equipment 2nd Laser machine, Install equipment
Rakuten online shopping mall store “kirihako” opened
Inkjet printer, Install equipment
2021.07 .08
CNC Boring machine, Install equipment 3rd Laser machine, Install equipment Solar panels construction on the company building
Showroom opened