Our Creation

Our paulownia boxes use traditional techniques that have continued since the Edo period.

Bingo Kiribako

bingo kirihako
Bingo Kiribako is a paulownia box made in the Bingo region of Hiroshima Prefecture. In the Edo period(1600 – 1868), the Bingo region grew by producing paulownia furniture.

A long time ago, a large amount of high-quality paulownia called Bingo Kiri was naturally growing in this region, and it became a famous production area along with Aizu Kiri from Fukushima and Nanbu Kiri from Iwate.

Bingo Kiribako originated by using the scraps of the paulownia furniture in paulownia boxes.

Fukuyama Brandslink

Our paulownia Milk Tooth Case and paulownia box manufacturing technology are certified as an official Fukuyama Brand, the city where our company is located.

Our service

  • Original design and development

    We will support the design and development of packages, storage boxes, and new products according to customer requests.
  • Integrated production

    We can provide consistent work from development to delivery. We can handle orders from one piece to large quantities.
  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing)

    We will support our customers to create the original products.from one piece to large quantities.
  • Quick delivery

    We have multiple production lines, so we can produce and deliver products quickly.

Available stock

Available stock

We have over 400 different size boxes available. If the requested size is available, it is possible to deliver shortly after the requested process (laser, print, coating, etc)

Available Options

Box type

  • Hon Inro

    Suitable for holding flat items such as cups and plates.
  • Sakasa Inro

    Yaro sticks out from the upper box.
    Suitable for storing vertically long objects such as bowls and vases.
  • Kabuse

    Suitable for dry goods, food, stationery, and bags.
  • Arigumi

    Suitable for heavy items.
  • Otoshi

    Suitable for when you want to take out a bowl or pot from the side.

Treatment and Branding options

  • Laser
  • Laser Cut
  • Color Print (UV)
  • Debossed Foil print
  • Coating
  • Japanese Lacquer (Urushi)
  • Urethane coating
  • Burnished
  • CNC options

Interior / Exterior options


A highly safe glue that does not contain formaldehyde. It does not interfere with natural breathing. The glue meets JAIA 4VOC standards.

Our original product

  • Milk Tooth Case
  • Food Storage Case
  • Goshuin Book

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