Our company is located in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, and has been manufacturing paulownia boxes since 1972.

Paulownia boxes originated in the Edo period, it began using scrap materials from paulownia chests. For many years in Japan, they have been used as a box for storing precious things. Now, it is attracting attention with its beautiful wood grain and luxurious feel and is also environmentally friendly.

We continue to manufacture our paulownia boxes that meet the needs of domestic and overseas customers while maintaining the reliable quality of Made in Japan. We are continuously improving traditional Japanese craftsmanship that has been handed down since the Edo period and adding modern techniques and new values.

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Key properties of Paulownia

The reason why we use the paulownia for storage boxes.

01. Lightweight and durable

Paulownia is the lightest Japanese wood (the second in the world), so it’s easy to carry, and durable.

02. Humidity control

Paulownia absorbs and releases moisture to maintain the moisture content of the atmosphere. This constant humidity is an important condition when storing items.

03. Insect repellent

Paulownia contains natural components, a large amount of paulonin, sesamin, etc., which are proven to repel insects.

04. Corrosion resistant

Paulownia contains a large amount of tannin, which is corrosive resistant.

05. Low heat resistant

Paulownia’s closed cell structure contains a lot of air inside, so it is difficult for heat to be transmitted and it is difficult to burn.

06. Low shrinkage

When dried, paulownia has little distortion or deformation and can be processed with precision with little cracking.